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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Club Nassau Dublin, Dublin Whats On, Templebar Whats on, nite clubs

Call Audrey (087) 741 2141 Call Audrey (087) 741 2141 Call Audrey (087) 741 2141
Wednesday, it’s like being half way across a bridge to the weekend, so what is the plan, you know I have often went to places like the D2 Club, and to be honest, I have felt like I was something spare at a wedding, these places have no personality, are run by nameless/faceless investors, you pay 8Euro to get your hand on a slippery nipple only to find that by the time you get back to your seat it has slipped from your hand, Club Nassau, has personality, it has Audrey (087) 741 2141 at your service, it has a DJ that wants to know your name and most importantly it has that easy feeling……no pushing… shoving….no hassle……just good fun with people you know……think about this… can enjoy a bite to eat in the Blarney Inn……space reserved if you wish…….a few drinks with friends/family…..and then enjoy  a hassle free night of dancing to the greatest sounds of all times…..Club Nassau has a number of FREE offers which are unmatched by any other Club in Dublin…….Free bottle of Champaign for a group of ten or more……Free entry to Club Nassau before 12 midnight for the ladies……if you want to know what is on offer for your special occasion call Audrey (087) 741 2141  and impress your friends with a well organised night of fun and dance….all safe and secure under one roof………dasher