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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Election Poll, Presidential Election 2011, Candidates

Presidential Election 2011: In a poll conducted by the Irish Observer following this week’s Prime Time Programme and included 1000 respondents in Dublin and Meath show Sean Gallagher leading the way in the Presidential election 2011. Sean Gallagher took 37% of the total poll while Michael D. Higgins polled in second place with 33%, Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness came in third place with 14%, Gay Mitchell took 8%, Mary Davis 3%, David Norris 2% and Dana 1% with the remaining 2% of respondents stating that they had not yet decided.
When respondents were asked why they would not vote for particular candidates the following categories took precedent:
1.    Sean Gallagher (association with Fianna Fail)
2.    Michael D Higgins (in coalition with Fine Gael)
3.    Martin McGuinness (can’t be trusted)
4.    Gay Mitchell (no personality)
5.    Mary Davis (using her position to support Yes to Lisbon)
6.    David Norris (because he initially dropped out rather than fight his corner)
7.    Dana (she is hiding something)
This is the first poll conducted by the Irish Observer for the Irish Presidential Election 2011, however, it should be noted that the Irish Observer, using public polls, predicted the result of the General Election within a one-two seat error.
This poll is a snap shot in time and should be viewed in that context; The Irish Observer would suggest that the Presidential campaign winner will be Michael D Higgins and that while he will not achieve the quota on the first count the majority of transfers from Gay Mitchell will go to Michael D Higgins and this will see Michael D Higgins elected as President of Ireland.
Martin McGuinness will pick up a similar vote to that achieved by Sinn Fein in the General Election.